In 1955, an ambitious salesman named Abbot Pederson traveled to NYC
on a sales trip for the Munsingwear brand. With time to kill before a
flight home, he decided to pop into a local bar for a few whiskeys. Little
did he know, his next steps would stumble into history.
Taking a wrong turn down a Manhattan street, he oddly enough found
himself outside a taxidermist’s shop. Deciding he needed a drinking
buddy for the flight, he bought a penguin and named him Pete. At
some point during the flight, and after another cocktail or three, he
accidentally knocked the head off Pete the Penguin.
A seductive stewardess Pederson had been enjoying throughout the
flight removed his necktie and wrapped it around the penguin’s neck.
She joked that such a dapper bird deserved to be immortalized, maybe
even on a shirt. With that idea – an icon was born.
In a matter of years, the Munsingwear Golf Shirt embroidered with
Pete’s likeness, was synonymous with a league of legends including
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, and Clint Eastwood. Today,
Original Penguin embodies a mix of iconic American Sportswear with
modern minded style into a diverse range of products for a full lifestyle
brand. Made for originals, by originals.

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