Created and crafted in Colombia, AZULU is a heritage brand founded in the 1980s and relaunched in 2018. AZULU is a globally distributed line answering the needs of a modern woman whose innate confidence and evolved respect for quality and design have created a need for a more conscious, elaborate and exquisite wardrobe. Operated sustainably in family run ateliers in Bogota, Colombia, AZULU creates collections that exude effortlessness, all the while celebrating its love for textures and details, as well as a creative vision that is closely tied to its exuberant Latin spirit.

AZULU took the decision to produce locally and ethically, with 100% of its processes handled in-house, being fully accountable for its fair practices, all the while assuring the utmost quality of its products and services.

  • Metromover - Brickell City Centre Station
  • Walk-in entrances
  • Parking Entrance
  • Valet Service