Acqua di Parma was created in 1916 by the baron Carlo Magnani from Parma as his own personal Colonia. True sophistication never goes unnoticed, and amongst the in the know inner circle, the personal scent grew into a brand, sold through mostly Italian tailors as the finishing touch for sophisticated gentlemen.

Today, Acqua di Parma is a symbol of Italian sophistication, discreet luxury, and craftsmanship that is inspired by its heritage and yet constantly evolving to always stay relevant and meaningful. All Acqua di Parma products are made in

Italy by traditional craftsmen using only the highest quality materials.

We have a very selective distribution through our stores and designated retail partners only. Our mission is to share a yellow gift of the Italian Sun, Soul, and Style with the world. A celebration of simplicity, sincerity, and generosity rooted in sun­ filled sensations and sophisticated rituals.

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